Thursday, June 2, 2011

Viking Acrostics

Today my class behaved wonderfully! In the morning we worked in groups talking about the Vikings, and then each table was given a different sheet of paper with separate items listed about the Vikings. These included Viking boats, Viking jewelry, Viking Gods, and Viking homes. We worked on using big descriptive words (Wow words) that correlated with each poster. Each table was given a poster, and the children had 5 minutes to brainstorm all the different descriptions they believed went under each category. Every 5 minutes the papers were rotated to the next group, and that table added on any more descriptions the first group had not thought of yet…the kids really enjoyed this activity! Here are some pictures I took while they were working hard:

After PE, we spent some time looking at poetry. The children were going to be completing an Acrostic poem about Vikings. We looked at two different examples of a good acrostic poem, and a poorly written acrostic poem. We had the kids decide what made them good or bad, and what kinds of standards they wanted to set for themselves to make great acrostic poems! They did a fantastic job on their rough drafts, and I’m excited to see their finished products!
After school, Niki, Laurel, and I almost missed our bus! We started running after it, and my earring fell out in route. Oh well, at least we made the bus =) Tonight after tea (dinner), Adam picked us up and we went to play games with some of the youth from Cumbernauld. It was a blast! I ended up going up against a teenage boy in one of the
games, and I’m very proud to say I destroyed him! He didn’t have a chance against me ;)

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